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Dark and dramatic act. 
Music: In This Moment - 1983 & Blood 1983 

20231027_SEXHIBITION_SATURDAY (23 of 575).jpg

Wanna join to my cult? Act with dark vibes.
Music: SKYND - Jim Jones 


This act tells a story about self-love and confidence.
Music: Christina Aguilera - Beautiful & Vanity 


Act with dramatic attitude.
Music: Everybody Loves an Outlaw - I see red 


Dark and powerful act with dark fusion vibes.
Music: Jonathan Davis - It's A Sin

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Ask more! 

Burlesque acts 200-250€ + travel) and accommodation) expenses. Striptease acts 300-350€ + travel (and accommodation) expenses. Billing through billing service. Bookings via email 

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